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Anger Management classes 

Online anger management program now available! 

Click on the following link to access our online program for only $9.99!


Court ordered services 

Behavior Management Services is an approved provder of court ordered services in Sarasota, Fl. We provide the following court approved programs:


 - 29 week Certified Batterers Intervention Program.

 - Short and Long term anger management programs.

 - Parent Education and Family Stabilization Program. 

Call or text 941 954 1105 or email alison@behaviormanagementservices.net for more information. 


 Parenting Education and Family Stabilization Program

Behavior Management Services is court approved to provide the 4 hour parenting class for divorce and custody situations class. Please call or text 941 954 1105 to schedule your appointment.

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405 B Interstate Blvd
Sarasota, Fl 34240
Tel: 941-954-1105
Email: alison@behaviormanagementservices.net


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